Getting Started with Linode | Cloud Manager, Linode API, Linode CLI & Linode Terraform Provider

Getting Started with Linode | Cloud Manager, Linode API, Linode CLI & Linode Terraform Provider

What will you build on Linode today?

YouTube video available here

Akamai is acquiring Linode, one of the most accessible and affordable Cloud Computing platform out there. When the news of this acquisition broke, I was intrigued to learn about the capabilities of Linode as well as learn how their Linode Developer Tools work.

I was impressed by how easy Linode is to use. It is easy to sign up for their $100 credit to start using Linode. They offer four major ways to interact with Linode and start creating your infrastructure:

  1. Linode Cloud Manager, their main UI
  2. Linode API
  3. Linode CLI - my recommended way
  4. Linode Terraform Provider

Spinning up 'Linodes', a compute instance is very easy. You pick your region, the type of compute instance you need, set up a root password and hit deploy. Linodes are created in less than 1-2 minute and once it is running, you have full control over the Linux-based (Debian / Ubuntu recommended) OS you install.

Installing web servers like apache are easy to do and Linode offers a rich Marketplace that allows you to pick tons of prepared tech stacks for you to choose from. It is really exciting to see a full playground offered to build tons of interesting use-cases.

As the Developer Advocate at Akamai Developer, I will definitely be using Linode to create web applications and API endpoints that are running on Linode, while using Akamai to deliver and protect these to help showcase the power of, not only Akamai but also Linode.

It really gives rise to a new concept: Build on Akamai.

Now having full capabilities to build your entire Tech Stack on Akamai and not just a combination of Akamai +Origin is a great step faster forward for Akamai!

If you are interested in learning more about Linode, I highly recommend the video that I created which guides you through Linode and the main Developer Tools in less than 25 minutes. You can find the video here: YouTube video available here

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If you have any questions on Linode, please let me know and I am happy to reach out!