My Continuous Improvement | #03 | 'DevSecOps Essentials' @ A Cloud Guru

My Continuous Improvement | #03 | 'DevSecOps Essentials' @ A Cloud Guru

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Course: DevSecOps Essentials

Platform: A Cloud Guru (formerly Linux Academy)

Time Spent: 150-180 minutes (3 hours)

The course DevSecOps Essentials aims to explain the high-level concepts of DevSecOps and introduce the fundamentals.

For me, this acted as a refresher and at 3x speed was easy to follow. My main goal in going through this course is identify whether this course is great for newcomers to DevOps. In my job as a Developer Advocate, I often get asked to explain DevOps to non-technical roles and for those looking to learn more, I would say this course is a great start.

In short, I do not recommend this course.

I found this course a bit too biased towards certain technologies versus mentioning different alternatives. Especially if you already went through something like DevOps Essentials on A Cloud Guru, there is too much repetition and not enough specific DevSecOps information.

The course focuses too much on the automation aspects versus the security concepts of DevSecOps. Security Testing is a very important part in any DevSecOps implementation and this course doesn't tackle terminology like Application Security Testing (SAST, DAST, IAST).

I will keep a lookout on better high-level cybersecurity courses and a more comprehensive DevSecOps course.

Rating: 1.5 / 5