My Continuous Improvement | #04 | 'HashiCorp Certified Terraform Associate' @ A Cloud Guru

My Continuous Improvement | #04 | 'HashiCorp Certified Terraform Associate' @ A Cloud Guru

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Course: HashiCorp Certified Terraform Associate

Platform: A Cloud Guru (formerly Linux Academy)

Time Spent: 240 minutes (4 hours)

The course HashiCorp Certified Terraform Associate aims to fully explain all the topics to get properly certified as a Terraform Associate. For me, this acted as a refresher and at 2.5x speed was easy to follow.

My main goal in going through this course is identify whether this course is great for newcomers to DevOps. In my job as a Developer Advocate, I often get asked to explain DevOps to non-technical roles and for those looking to learn more, I would say this course is a great start.

Learning Terraform can be an important asset in your career today as Infrastructure as Code continues to play a key role in automation and DevSecOps concepts. Knowing Terraform, which is really easy to learn the syntax for, can help you easily integrate tons of different vendors. Terraform being vendor-agnostic will really offer a huge toolbox to create, read, update and delete tons of different technologies including but not limited to, all the major Cloud Computing platforms, tons of DevOps|DevSecOps vendors and of course, also Akamai and Linode.

This course does a great job on going through all the important areas of Terraform, and does prepare you nicely for the certification exam with helpful lab exercises to familiarize yourself.

There is more Terraform content on A Cloud Guru, but highly recommend this one.

Bonus tip: I also recommend my own Terraform Tapas video series on YouTube - short and succinct tips on Terraform - you can find them here.

Rating: 4 / 5