whois securitylevelup --name Mike Elissen

whois securitylevelup --name Mike Elissen

An introduction to who I am.


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Welcome to Security Level Up!

whois securitylevelup --name Mike Elissen ๐Ÿ‘‹

In today's world, it is difficult to deliver and secure your applications, APIs and data. I can help you. I am dedicated to empowering you to continue to make (online) life better for billions of people around the world, every single day. In the last 10 years, I have dedicated myself to solving Internet security challenges with companies that power and protect life online through industry-leading security solutions and DevOps integrations.

On this blog, you can find helpful tips related to Akamai and Akamai Developer.

What do I do?

Currently I work at Akamai and I am responsible for the role of Developer Advocate. In this role, it is my main focus to ensure that our customers, partners, prospects and colleagues have a better experience managing their Akamai solutions as well as integrating Akamai within their DevOps toolchain with the tools Akamai provides. I coined the terms Akamai as Code and Akamai as Data to create better visibility for Akamai Developer. You can find our GitHub here: github.com/akamai

What I can help you with?

DevSecOps | DevOps | Automation | Infrastructure as Code | Cybersecurity | Application Security | API Security | Content Delivery | Streaming Media | Web Performance

Where can you find more about me?

Outside of the code examples found here, you can find me on other platforms:

How does my tech stack look like?

Every day I work with technologies such as:

  • CDN | Content Delivery Network
  • Web Application & API Protection
  • DDoS Protection and Bot Mitigation
  • Terraform
  • Docker
  • Git | GitHub
  • VSCode
  • Tons more as part of the DevSecOps ecosystem...