Introducing Terraform Tapas

Helping you learn the number one Infrastructure as Code tool.

Introducing Terraform Tapas

Terraform Tapas Playlist on YouTube

Terraform has been a fantastic asset to my tech stack. Having the ability to write Infrastructure as Code and stitch multiple vendors/technologies together is honestly been a dream come through!

I learned about Terraform back in mid 2018, when several of my customers using Akamai requested Akamai to build a Terraform Provider so they could manage their Akamai solutions easily with Terraform. Whenever I am presented with a new technology, I get curious to see what it is about and how it can benefit you. And so, I dove in and learned about Terraform.

Almost four years later, I would say that I am proficient in Terraform and the HashiCorp Configuration Language (HCL). I can definitely say that understanding Terraform is an important DevOps skill to have in 2022. Terraform continues to trend, there are tons of companies moving all-in with Terraform and it is not that difficult to learn.

Many of my colleagues at Akamai are receiving a ton of questions on Terraform and how the Akamai Terraform Provider works best so I created a video series to help address the basic concepts of Terraform called Terraform Tapas.

In 2021, we wrapped up a series of 8 videos of about 2-3 minutes each that will help you understand the fundamentals of Terraform. I am currently working on season 2 that will add in more concepts with the goal to be a great resource to start your Terraform journey, perhaps even to become an official HashiCorp Certified Terraform Associate (link).

I work with Terraform every day at Akamai. Whether it is creating new Akamai Terraform code examples and templates, or maintaining my own website/domains/infrastructure, there is always more Terraform on the horizon. I am also one of the 'Customer Zero' that helps test the newest releases of the Akamai Terraform Provider (link).

You can find Terraform Tapas Playlist on YouTube.

The topics so far are:

  • Introduction to Terraform
  • Benefits of using Terraform / IaC
  • The Terraform Workflow
  • Troubleshooting and Debugging
  • Terraform Variables
  • Terraform State
  • How dependencies work in Terraform
  • Importing existing infrastructure into Terraform

Giving back to the community and helping you be successful too with Terraform is what keeps me making this content. If you have any questions on using Terraform or the Akamai Terraform Provider, feel free to reach out to me in the comments or message me Mike Elissen.