My Continuous Improvement | #02 | 'DevOps Essentials' @ A Cloud Guru

My Continuous Improvement | #02 | 'DevOps Essentials' @ A Cloud Guru

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Course: DevOps Essentials

Platform: A Cloud Guru (formerly Linux Academy)

Time Spent: 75-90 minutes

This course aims at explaining what DevOps is and does a great job in doing so. This is a very high-level overview of the core concepts found in DevOps such as CI/CD, automation, Infrastructure as Code, the different phases of a DevOps workflow and proceeds to give a glimpse at the different tools and platforms used by many DevOps practitioners.

For me, this acted as a good refresher and at 3x speed was easy to follow. My main goal in going through this course is identify whether this course is great for newcomers to DevOps. In my job as a Developer Advocate, I often get asked to explain DevOps to non-technical roles and for those looking to learn more, I would say this course is a great start.

There is also a good lab exercise built-in that has you run through a simple GitHub fork exercise and deploy new changes through a CI server. Simple but a good start!

I compare this course to LinkedIn Learning's DevOps Foundations. Both are great starter courses for DevOps. They are locked behind the paywall though and there is plenty of helpful free DevOps content to be found on YouTube as well. If you have access to either, give it a whirl.

Rating: 3.5 / 5